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How To Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are very dangerous pests since they may bite all day and night depending on their number in the area. Mosquitoes are responsible for the cause of malaria. They also make you have sleepless night since they are a hindrance. They are not human friendly and that is why you must make sure you have the control of mosquitoes in your hand. Building a mosquito trap is one way you can do to make the spread of mosquito impossible. People living near river banks and water bodies may have a big challenge curbing the breeding of mosquitoes near those areas since the water bodies are a good breeding ground for the spread of mosquitoes and therefore residents should embrace the use of mosquito traps since you can deal with a lot of mosquitoes at a go. You need to make your trip and make sure you have placed them somewhere in the dark where mosquitoes can accumulate and get trapped. For example, you can make your trap at home and still work by combining water, sugar, and yeast in a cylinder as this is good attention for mosquitoes. A fresh mixture is suitable for you to take control of mosquitoes near you and for the trap to work all the time, it is suitable if you get lead of the solution after every two weeks.

You can also control mosquitoes by using mosquito repellants. You will find that when you have several mosquito repellants, mosquitoes will not find room to stay in your home and they will walk away. You can use very common methods of repelling mosquitoes near you if you can use lemon eucalyptus or saucer dish washing soap where mosquitoes like residing. In that case, you need to know which way is available and use any o both depending on their availability and convenience.

The third way you can control mosquitoes away is by planting plants that are mosquito repellants. The use of plants to get rid of mosquitoes is a very good idea as there is now you are going to get rid of the plant after some time h(just like the use of other homemade mosquito repellants. On that note, you need to trim weeds and bushes near your home.

It is also suitable for you to create a way for water to stop it from accumulating in your area. You should know that stagnant water together with bushes are a major breeding grounds for mosquito and you cannot control mosquito if there is stagnant water near your home and in that case, you need to take your time and clear all bushes for you to make a step in controlling mosquito.

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