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Tips to Get the Most Out of Home Massage

A massage therapy at home is a convenient thing to have. You feel free, comfortable, and in your own space when you have a home based massage therapy. Besides, it saves you on time which you would otherwise spend to travel to a therapist’s office and back. However, there might be a lot of distractions at home that might interfere with your attention and prevent you from fully relaxing. To get the most out of home based massage therapy, you need to get ready beforehand and eliminate all the distraction. Before the therapist arrives, you should create a cool atmosphere and that is your main task as the massage takes place at your home. Some distractions that can introduce stress during the session include phone ringing, dogs barking and noise from kids. It is essential to try as much as possible to get rid of any potential distractions before the massage begins.

To prevent any distractions, you are advised to switch off the phones and take care of your pets in advance. Besides, ask other people living in the same house not to disturb you during the massage session. Preparation of yourself and your massage room is the next thing you ought to do. To ensure that the massage table fits properly, choose a massage room that is spacious enough as this also allows for some privacy. A therapist can move around the massage table while maintaining proper body posture, which is the essence of having a spacious room. To get the minimum amount of space required for the massage table, consult with your therapist. To create a larger open space, you can move furniture out of the room or place it by the wall. Massage activities in a larger room make you feel less cramped and the therapist more comfortable.

Make sure to inquire from your massage therapist about additional information such as music and aromatherapy. Most therapists take care of music and aromatherapy, but if not, you can play your favorite music and light scented candles. Turn down the lights and close the curtains for privacy, ensuring that you are more comfortable. Before the therapist comes, take a few minutes. To ease tension during the relaxation, try meditation, stretching, listening to music or any other activity.

For better comfort during a massage, avoid eating heavy foods two hours to the session. On the night before the massage, ensure you get enough sleep so that you are well relaxed. If you are sweaty or dirty, make sure to take a shower. It feels better working on dry and clean skin. After the session, make sure to drink plenty of water to replace that lost through sweat. By following these tips, you get the most out of the home massage.

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